Betting Tips—When to Place a Bet

Timing is everything in any sport. From choosing exactly the right moment to make that precision pass to the substitution that utterly changes the tide of a game, big matches and games are won and lost by fractions of a second. But for those of us who, sadly, aren’t professional athletes or highly paid team coaches, timing is equally important. If you enjoy the spectacle of sports and enhance this by having a little wager or two on the big games, knowing when you should bet is a particular skill comparable to the timing an athlete will display. The timing of your flutter could mean the difference between a 16-ounce steak and no stake!

Early or Late?

When you bet the total in a clash between two big teams in a sport, keep in mind this rule used by successful bettors: bet the over early and the under late to maximize your winning potential. That’s because public betting tends to favour the ‘over’ (who doesn’t love a high-scoring game) so the number rises accordingly. Get in early for that and late if you’re leaning towards ‘under’. Of course, don’t bet blindly: take into account the many factors that will affect the score, like injuries and even the weather forecast. Due diligence will put money in your pocket.

For futures betting, there’s one rule of thumb for events in the long-term: get in early. The best time to bet on the Super Bowl or a Premier League fixture is as soon as the bookies reveal the odds. A lot can happen in the weeks and months leading up to big fixtures, so sometimes the outrageous long-shot pick will be on form by the time of the event and the odds much slimmer. The St Louis Cardinals’ amazing pick-up formto make and win the 2011 World Series, when all seemed lost, won one of their fans a cool $375,000 from a $500 stake. The timing of those bets, with his team in a slump of five games off from a playoff slot and with only 15 games left, was a masterstroke. Having faith is important, but having good timing is profitable!

Going Live

Instead of placing your stake and then settling in to watch the big game, why not consider live betting instead? Growing in popularity, live betting is guaranteed to bring you closer to the action and, with some small successes, could make you a little richer too. This can all be done from the comfort of your favourite chair while you watch the game. During major events there are always a wide variety of prop bets to add to the buzz. Why not put a few quid on the coin toss or a spectacular turnover for some extra fun?

Should you need an extra shot of excitement in your sports spectacle, there is always the option of betting on the second half. That should guarantee to hold your interest right through the game, and if the NFL is your thing there are lots of chances to bet all the way down to a game’s fourth quarter. Good luck, and have a good time-ing!

Betting tips – Sport Betting is Personal

Betting on sports requires having a clear mind.Most of the times success is achievable only by making the right decisions meticulously. Some might bet on sports just because other people are doing it, and the end result is often frustration. First thing you need to realize as a better is that,even thoughin the end you are guessing results, you still need to make informed decisions. This means that the knowledge you have on a certain sport should guide you to choosethe teams to bet on. You ought to have an eye for details and wits.

How to Bet

If you are just starting out in sport betting, you will need to learn the different odds involved in a bet. The only way to enjoy betting is to learn everything about it. It is a serious business, and you must handle it as such. If you are knowledgeable on the way that different odds work, then you stand a chance of placing winning bets. You will realize that there is so much to learn, especially about odds. Start with the basics and gradually familiarize yourself with the complex stuff later on.

Best Betting Strategies

You may encounter a lot of people out there who claim to know which teams will win and which odds stand to win big. It is tempting to follow their advice but what happens when you cannot access them?

The best strategy to winning a sport bet is to do it on your own. If you are interested in soccer betting for instance, study the history and winning philosophy of various teams which you will begin to bet on. In other words, do a thorough background-check on both teams. Pay attention especiallyto how they have fared in the past matches against each other. There are several online sites whereby you can get comprehensive reviews about each team.The message is, betting isn’t just a matter of chance, you have to be smart!

Whilst it may seem tempting to bet on exotic games just because the odds are usually higher, do not place a bet based on the odds alone. There is a reason why bookers place a large bet on some teams more than on others and you should be able to see beyond the high price.

Different Kinds of Bets

Most people know sport betting as simply predicting which side is going to win. This is the most straightforward kind of betting and considered as the traditional. However, next time you want to place a bet over the internet, consider other bets like for example exchange betting, in play betting, spread betting, and fantasy sports betting.

Betting on sports can be an investment you never thought you could live on so it is important to follow rules and regulations that govern successful betting. This also applies to people who just bet for fun.

Use These Simple Tips to Secure Yourself Good Winnings from Ice Hockey Betting!

Ice hockey is a very popular sport, especially in northern countries like Canada, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The best league by far in the world is the NHL, which consists of both U.S. and Canadian teams. Hence, most ice hockey bettors are placing their money on NHL fixtures. This raises the intensity of the game, and makes it even more thrilling to watch. If you want to actually make money off your ice hockey bets, however, you should follow a few simple tips.


First of all, you should stay away from the “normal” bets. That is, the 1X2 – basically, bets on the outright winner of the game. This is the most common bet out there, but the odds compilers are always folding a fairly high house edge into these odds. It means that the house will always win, as long as there are people out there who bet on both sides of the match. Usually, these odds are quite low, as well, meaning that you will not win as much money as you could.


Additionally, many players make the mistake of adding several 1X2 bets to the same betting slip. This raises the odds and hence the potential prizes, but cripples your chances of winning. Severely. Sure, it can look tempting to place four to five ice hockey matches on the same betting slip, raising the odds and giving you a potential return of a hundred times your initial stake, but if only one prediction fails, your money is gone.


Check the Special Odds


If you want to win money from ice hockey betting, it is much better to look deeper into the available odds. Professional bettors always look for either smaller matches from other leagues than the NHL or KHL (the Russian alternative of the NHL), or look at special odds which most online betting sites are offering. For example, you could bet on whether a game between two Czech teams in their own national league will end with more (or less) than 5.5 goals scored in total. Have a look at the teams in question, and check their recent history. If they are both high scoring teams, and one of them is fighting to avoid elimination, you can easily place some money on a bet like that – usually with substantially higher odds than if you stuck to 1X2.


Most importantly, though, in ice hockey betting, just like in any other online betting, you need to do your research. Find out as much as you can about the teams, about news surrounding their players, and their recent stats. Are any players injured? Have they played well in the previous games? Is the relationship between the coach, players and the club owners good? How did they play last time they met the same team? Every single detail is important, and only by doing some thorough research will you be able to predict outcomes. By spending time on different news sites, as well as social media – which most players and coaches are using – you could eventually become a professional bettor. Ice hockey offers better winning opportunities than most football odds, since the game is less predictable and anything can happen. Just make sure you have a look at the special odds, not just the 1X2 section.